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Poehler in All Directions

Posted April 22, 2008

Amy Poehler in Baby Mama

Amy Poehler in
Baby Mama

Every body is all about Amy these days. Lauren A. E. Schuker writing for the Wall Street Journal online noted in her article "Going for Belly Laughs" how "Amy Poehler is proving that you don't have to leave "Saturday Night Live" to make it big outside the show." And Darel Jevens at the Chicago Sun-Times made the observation: "If her Hillary Clinton imitation seems especially accurate these days, it might be because Amy Poehler has been sharing another trait with the senator: serious sleep deprivation." And Newsweek in their interview "A Very Busy Mama" simply asks:" Does Amy Poehler sleep?" Starring in the upcoming Baby Mama, Poehler also is co-creator and writer of The Mighty B! for Nickelodeon. Then come August, she making adults laugh in Focus Features' Hamlet 2. And this on top of her day--or rather, night--job on Saturday Night Live.