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Planning a "trip" to Woodstock

Posted August 27, 2009

Planning a

Acid trips are almost a cliché in representations of the sixties: the spinning camera, the reverse zoom, the kooky colors. But as Eric Philpott points out in his piece “Acid Trips and History on the Big Screen in Taking Woodstock” there’s nothing easy about turning on: “VFX supervisor Brendan Taylor led a team of 45 artists at the Mr. X facilities in Toronto and Montreal over a period of eight months, delivering 138 shots on the project.” The end product was a piece that attempted to rewrite the clichés and arrive at the actual experience:

“I am really proud of the acid trip sequence,” said Taylor. “Ang wanted something that was an ecstatic revelation, not something frightening. This is a key moment in the story arc for the lead character’s personal development. Ang wanted to bring the audience right into Elliot’s experience, and to feel that they were on an acid trip themselves.”