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Pirate Radio Sightings

Posted November 05, 2009

Pirate Radio Sightings Image

With Pirate Radio on the horizon, articles on the film, the cast and the history of the pirate radio are being hoisted up the masthead of various websites. Here are couple fun pieces. At the Oakland Tribune, Jim Harrington’s “Pirate Radio relives '60s British pop explosion” takes a long look at the film’s director Richard Curtis and his filmmaking process. At one point Curtis talks about his use of music:

There is a weird magic between music and film, which is often not you expect," he comments. "You put on the song that you're sure is going to work and it's too slow or it doesn't reach the good bit for 30 seconds or you actually need a bit of melancholy in there and it's too cheerful. Then you put on something that you didn't like as much and it fits absolutely perfectly.

Elsewhere Mali Elfman over at Screencrave has picked up the whole team, doing a video piece with the impressive Nick Frost, and print interviews with both Tom Sturridge and Talulah Riley. They are worth a gander, especially for how they view their own characterss. Riley on Marianne:

Do I like Marianne? I don’t know, I think she is the type of girl at school that I wouldn’t have been friends with. [laughs] She was a bit mean.