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NY Mag's Vulture speaks with Jason Schwartzman

Posted May 30, 2012


In New York Magazine's culture blog "Vulture," Jada Yuan speaks with MOONRISE KINGDOM's Jason Schwartzman about working with his friend, director Wes Anderson. It's a fascinating chat that covers Schwartzman own experience in the Scouts, working with the boy actors who make up the Khaki Scouts and his special friendship with Wes Anderson. His comments about Wes are especially sweet:

I met Wes on Rushmore. We made a movie together. We stayed in touch through the years. And then this weird thing happens to you personally and you talk about it and then you keep talking, and then all of a sudden it's twelve years older and you're like, "Wow, this is my best friend." It just kind of happens behind you in a weird way and you turn around and you can't believe it.