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Movie City: Manhattan

Posted September 29, 2008

Shot from/of <i>Manhattan</i>

Shot from/of Manhattan

In “Movie City,” each month we focus on how film and geography intersect. We started off with John Waters giving us the low down on movie theaters in his hometown of Baltimore. And recently novelist and the writer/producer of The Wire (which also takes place in Baltimore) George Pelecanos talked to us about why there are no films about the real Washington DC (his hometown). This week over at New York Magazine, Editor Adam Moss sat down with Woody Allen to discuss the city of Allen's dreams––Manhattan.

One thing he picks up on is how quickly New York is changing and what that means to films shot here: “There are times where I’d finish a movie, like Everyone Says I Love You, and five places in the movie would be gone before it came out. Le Cirque would be gone. The bookstore on Madison Avenue would be gone. I couldn’t keep up with the rate of change…”

The interview, which is part of New York Magazine’s 40th Anniversary issue also includes a wonderful slideshow/story on the “New York Actor,” a group that covers the field from Robert DeNiro and Laureen Bacall to Liev Schreiber, S. Epatha Merkerson, and, of course, Sylvia Miles.