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MOONRISE KINGDOM Costume on Auction to Benefit Kids

Posted May 30, 2012


Get Ready to bid on a bit of MOONRISE KINGDOM. Focus Features is auctioning off the original Khaki Scout uniform worn by 12-year-old Sam Shakusky (played by Jared Gilman) to benefit Variety The Children's Charity. The bidding starts today via (with a direct link to the uniform page here). The uniform is a unique piece of film culture for which costume designer Kasia Walicka Maimone and her department (with creative direction from director Wes Anderson) created every single element, including activity buttons and hand-sewn insignia patches.

The gift from Mr. Anderson and the worldwide film company will help Variety New York raise funds to support its work in the tri-state area transforming the lives of children through the arts. Variety New York's Executive Director Jessica Bynoe notes, "Variety has a strong history with the film and entertainment industry and we are excited to continue that tradition with this generous donation from Focus. Funds raised through this auction will help us change the lives of many more children by engaging them in the arts which greatly enhances their academic, career, and personal success."  The auction will run until Wednesday June 13 at 12 PM EDT.