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Los Angles Times: The Kids Are All Right’s LA style

Posted July 26, 2010


In a recent post on L.A. at Home, the design blog for The Los Angeles Times, David A. Keeps did an in-depth profile with “Set Pieces: The L.A. look in The Kids Are All Right.” Actually as Keeps points out the film doesn’t offer one look, but “contrasting design styles of two sides of Los Angeles.” In the piece, production designer Julia Berghoff defines how in designing both the home of Nic (Bening) and Jules (Moore) and Paul’s (Mark Ruffalo) Echo Park pad, she was defining two different LA lifestyles. The lesbian moms and their kids live in a comfortable bungalow “decorated with pages-from-a-catalog furniture and just a touch of earth-loving bohemianism.” Paul, however, lives in hip mish-mash. As Berghoff says, “It's like he did a lot of shopping at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, which is exactly what we did.”