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LA Times: The Heroic Journey of Making BEING FLYNN

Posted February 29, 2012


In the Los Angeles Times, Steven Zeitchik reports on the film's history in "BEING FLYNN finally comes into being with De Niro and Weitz." The story of turning Nick Flynn's critically acclaimed memoir into a film seems as heroic as the characters in it. As Zeitchik sums it up, "This weekend -- after 30 screenplay drafts, eight years, three studios and one title change -- a film version of that book, now called BEING FLYNN and starring [Robert] De Niro and [Paul] Dano, hits theaters." The story of how it got made is a real lesson in how powerful the original story is and how much conviction the filmmakers had in it. For Weitz, the story is something everyone one can relate to:

The book felt like a fable of that utterly recognizable circumstance where a guy [is] in a pressure-cooker situation that's destabilized by something...It's also the quintessence of everybody's experience in mythologizing their parents: Are we fated to become our parents, and can we do anything to change that?