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LA Times: BEING FLYNN Nick Flynn on Being a Character in his Own Story

Posted March 01, 2012


In the Los Angeles Times blog "Jacket Copy," Steven Zeitchik speaks with Nick Flynn, the writer who penned the memoir on which the film BEING FLYNN is based. In his 20s, Nick Flynn, who was working at a homeless shelter in Boston, met his father, whom had disappeared from his life when he was a child. This complex emotional encounter became the basis for his memoir Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, which Flynn published in 1994. The terse, personal and poetic book won much acclaim and ended up winning the PEN/Martha Albrand Award. If turning his personal life into prose was emotional cathartic, watching it being turned into a film, as Flynn explains, was something else -- and not: "it's not my life but the memory of my life...So really this was all something I had done before."