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Kim Wayans opens up at

Posted December 30, 2011


In, Christina Radish speaks to PARIAH star Kim Wayans about taking on the role of Audrey, the mother of Alike (Adepero Oduye). Fascinating piece that dives into the complex route that Wayans took to find the character and to connect with Dee Rees script. At one point, she talks about what was important to capture about Audrey.

I just think that, if you take the literal Audrey off the page and you don't really understand that at her core is love, then that's what you play. You play the anger. You play the angry mother who doesn't like what's going on. It's the natural choice. But, what gets you the job is making the unnatural choice, to go deeper and to understand what's really, really, really going on with this woman - her fear, her love and what's really going on with her. That was the obvious choice, and I made a choice that wasn't so obvious.