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Jenni Olson's Milk Route

Posted February 02, 2008

Jenni Olson

Jenni Olson, who has been a guiding light of LGBT cinema in San Francisco for years, has been keeping a blog "Harvey Milk Movie News" detailing the events around the current film production. On Friday, Olson took a stroll down memory lane, looking at the Castro and the legacy of Harvey Milk in the neighborhood he helped found. Along the way she meets up with the area's ghosts as well as the economic crisis it now faces. It's a beautiful post worth reading. Here are her final comments:


"I can't help but think of Brokeback Mountain -- as a huge gay-themed film that impacted mainstream audiences while at the same time resonating profoundly with gay audiences. Milk looks poised for a similar kind of impact given the team behind the camera and the cast in front of it. Perhaps they'll finish in time for a June premiere at the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, which is held just up the street from Castro Camera -- where Harvey helped process all the rag-tag Super 8 homo movies that launched the first "San Francisco Gay Film Festival" the very year he was assassinated. Godspeed."