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indieWIRE checks into Focus' Story Camp

Posted July 27, 2011


In the indieWIRE article, "Why James Schamus Believes There's a Business in Very Low-Budget Features," editor Brian Brooks discusses the newest Focus Features initiative "Story Camp" with Focus CEO James Schamus. As Brooks reports, "Story Camp is a three-day laboratory and workshop for six emerging filmmakers and producers." Brooks goes on to describe some of the projects at the debut "Story Camp," including Africa First Alumna Jenna Bass' supernatural drama Tok Tokkie and Damien Chazelle musical So Long, Jupiter, among others. Brooks speaks with Focus CEO Schamus about Story Camp and the new business of specialized film. For Schamus' story camp emerged because, among other reasons, today small budgets don't have to mean poorly produced films.

Production value, however you define it these days, means you can make movies that look pretty darn good for not so much money. So there's different forms of storytelling available to filmmakers today than just a few years ago.