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HITFIX Counts Out Reasons Why Hanna’s the Best

Posted March 30, 2011


Gregory Ellwood of Hitfix is certainly not one to hold back. The title of his recent web post, “Five reasons why Hanna is the best movie you'll see this Spring,” pretty much says it all. You should read his piece to collect all five, but for a taster here is number five: “Tom Hollander almost steals the show…again.” In case you don’t know this talented British actor, Mr. Ellwood points out why you should––and look above to see him with Cate Blanchett in Hanna:

Joe Wright knows exactly how talented Hollander is. He's cast him in every film he's made besides Atonement (conflict with those never-ending "Pirates" flicks) and once again, the mercurial actor delivers. This time he's playing a German hitman for hire who moonlights as a Berlin club owner. Once you see the picture, all you have to know is Hollander picked out most of his own wardrobe to truly understand how fully realized his character of Issacs really is.