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Hitfix: Focus' "Big Night" at Gothams

Posted November 30, 2011


Kristopher Tapley of HitFix highlighted in his headline "Focus Features has a big night at the Gothams" the results of the Independent Filmmaker Project's 21st Gotham Awards held in New York City on Monday 29, 2011. Mike Mills' sweet-toned comedy BEGINNERS won Best Ensemble and shared Best Feature. And Dee Rees won for Breakthrough Director. As Hitfix commented, "The surprises actually started early, though, with a heartening win for Dee Rees in the Breakthrough Director category. Rees, whose PARIAH has been nurtured all season by Focus Features, beat out high profile contenders..." On top of all of that, TINKER,TAILOR, SOLDIER, SAILOR star Gary Oldman was given a much deserved career tribute by the Gothams.