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Hell No, I Won't Go!

Posted May 02, 2008

Hell No, I Won't Go! Image

A few months ago we published Heather Chaplin's profile "Ian Bogost: Games People Play," which looks at a video-game designer with a political conscience. Bogost's company Persuasive Games creates games that looks at global energy issues ("Oil God"), War on Terror ("Airport Insecurity"), and the obesity crisis ("Fatworld"). But Bogost is not alone in pushing gaming into a form of political activism. The most excellent website BoingBoing recently reported in "Online game teaches immigrant kids about rights of due process" about another game dealing with political issues. Put out by a the human rights organization Breakthrough, the game ICED ("I Can End Deportation") creates a game scenario where players learn about their rights. And if you get pissed off enough, the site provides various places to link to in order to take the game/battle to the real world. You can read their blog, write about your own thoughts, or learn about the UN Declaration of Human Rights.