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Hanna’s Saoirse Ronan: The Pride of The Irish

Posted March 30, 2011


Saoirse Ronan may play an globe-trotting assassin in Joe Wright’s Hanna, but to the people back home in Ireland, she a lovely lass. As reviews come out the Irish Film & Television Network (IFTN) is keeping a close watch on what the rest of the world is saying about their pride and joy. (To learn more about her background, visit our People in Film: Saoirse Ronan). In the recent IFTN post, “Critics Praise Saoirse Ronan Hanna Performance,” the IFTN web site noted:

The Carlow born actress plays the title role, a young girl trained by her father to be a ruthless killing machine. The Hollywood Reporter has called her performance ”exceptional” whilst Variety praises her ”spirited” take on the role.