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Posted July 28, 2008


How many sexy Jesuses does it take to promote a movie? According Eclipse Magazine, "The 2008 San Diego Comic Con was descended upon by a horde of roaming 'Sexy Jesus'." But Jesus was barely noticed among the other strange creatures walking the halls of Comic-Con this weekend. To get an idea of what you might have missed, here are a few photo galleries for you to peruse. Cinematical captures the glory of the costume ball, from a hot "rotten tomato" to a tomato rotten with bloody wounds. focused more on what up wit geek fashion, from Star Wars leggings to scalp painting. Rotten Tomatoes previews all the many celebs on the red carpet including a terrified Steve Coogan surrounded by more Jesuses than you can shake a crucifix at. got down there among the real fans and their fantasies. And the Washington Post captured not only the fans, the stars and the crazy scene, but also much of the swag.