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Fresh Air Hears MOONRISE KINGDOM's Randall Poster's Music

Posted May 29, 2012

Fresh Air's Terry Gross sat down with music supervisor Randall Poster to talk about the musical choices in MOONRISE KINGDOM, which include work from famed 20th century British composer Benjamin Britten as well as Country great Hank Williams. (Learn more about the Britten's opera Noye's Fludde used in the film here). Poster also talks about his long creative collaboration with Wes Anderson, a creative friendship that started shortly after the 1996 Bottle Rocket. Poster has gone on to work on every Wes Anderson film since then. Poster explains, "I just stand by [Anderson] and help him put mortar on the bricks and come at him with musical ideas and listen to what he has to say and read the scripts as they evolve, and we sort of take it from there and keep going."  To get a sense of Poster's musical thinking, explore his character playlists for MOONRISE KINGDOM.