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Focus Features acquires Mike Mills’ Beginners at Toronto Film Festival

Posted September 21, 2010


In addition to premiering Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s comedy It’s Kind of a Funny Story at this year’s Toronto Film Festival, Focus Features also picked up a new feature, Mike Mill’s Beginners. After completing the acquisition, Focus’ CEO James Schamus exclaimed, ““What can I say? We simply love this movie. Mike Mills has made a life-changing testament to the power of love and the surprising ways it can enter your life when you least expect it.” In the film, Ewan McGregor has just started a new relationship with Anna (Melanie Laurent), and as he enters into what he hopes to be a happy new part of his life, he finds himself remembering the remarkable end of life of his dad (Christopher Plummer). At an age when most look forward to death, Plummer plays a man who comes out as gay, finds a new life, while dealing with a possible life-threatening illness.

IndieWIRE’s Anne Thompson notes “there’s a real possibility of a supporting actor nod for Christopher Plummer, who nails the role of an older gay man clinging to life. I had admired Mills’ Thumbsucker, so I was not surprised at the little joys to be found in this superbly directed movie."