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Finding Woodstock

Posted May 08, 2008

Finding Woodstock Image

The search is on. As Ang Lee gets ready to shoot Taking Woodstock, an adaptation of Elliot Tiber's remarkable memoir of that summer of love, the Hudson Valley is helping find a location. Tiber's book recounts his coming out as a gay man through the making of Woodstock. In '69, after the Stonewall Riots, Tiber, who was helping his crazy Jewish parents with their money-pit of a motel in Bethel, NY, found himself in the unique position of having a license for a music festival at the very time that Woodstock promoter Michael Lang had lost his. As reported by Poughkeepsie Journal, Focus is working with local film commissions to find the most sixties locations possible. In his blog for the Hudson Valley Film Commission and Woodstock Film Festival blog, Laurent Rejto has helped rev up the search. As he details, "All three elements (road, motel, town with 12 buidlings+/-) in perfect relation to one another, would be the bulls-eye. Email with photos."