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Exclusive Coraline Videos

Posted January 28, 2009

MTV Video Clip

Across the web, exclusive Coraline videos, trailers, and special materials are popping up––for those who know how to find them. So here’s a quick map to the Coraline treasure trove.

At Yahoo movies, there’s an exclusive clip of Coraline’s first and fateful meeting with her Other mother, as well as a gallery of 64 special images of Alphabet cards, production stills and cast.

Over at MSN movies, there’s a scene (“Can I Go Out”) of a little spat between Coraline (Dakota Fanning) and her Mom (Teri Hatcher) that leads to the first secret clue of what lies on the other side of the wall for Coraline.

MTV offers a rocking lineup of items:  an exclusive clip (“You are Not my Mother”), a behind-the-scenes slide show and a showcase of music videos (”Be Careful What You Wish For”) in tune with the eerie vibrations of Coraline. (This is MTV, after all).  In the clip, “You are not my Mother”), the creepy other mother shows how scarily quick the maternal goes infernal for the Other Mother.

AOL/Moviefone offers a charming little snippet of when Coraline met Whitey (Robert Bailey Jr.), a meeting so utterly uncomfortable that the two kids are destined to need each other.