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EW's Q&A with ANNA KARENINA's Alicia Vikander

Posted November 16, 2012


Since seeing Alecia Vikander in ANNA KARENINA, everyone seems to want to know more about the Sweedish beauty who plays Kitty. Entertainment Weekly's Solvej Schou got a chance to ask the young actress a few question, proving she really is as intelligent as she is beautiful. At one point she explains quite poingnantly her connection to her character:

I love that line I say, "I was so silly back then." And it's only been a couple of months. The rejection, but also the humiliation of that time, the social rules. To get that rejection in front of everyone's eyes. She was so young. Through that rejection, she became more humble and able to mature through that. As a young girl, she still matured. I remember from the age of 17 -- and I'm 24 now -- that your experiences color you. You grow up in just a few years. She's just an 18-year-old girl.