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Even Films Started Small

Posted February 22, 2008

Six Shooter Short film

While the Academy Award for Live action short is a badge of honor, one would think that it would also be a promise of things to come. Strangely, however, only a few directors have gone on to make a feature film, let alone a name for themselves. The exceptions are notable. In 1978, Taylor Hackford won for Teenage Father, and was back at the Academy Awards in 2004 with his bio-pic Ray. And while Andrea Arnold - who won Best Short in 2004 for Wasp -- hasn't been back to the American Academy Awards, in 2006 she swept the BAFTAs in Scotland with Red Road. And the winner in 2005 was Six Shooter, a shoot 'em train yarn directed by Irish playwright Martin McDonagh. And this year McDonagh has expanded his cinematic reach with the hitman comedy In Bruges (with his Six Shooter star Brendan Gleeson). In celebration of these short directors of great promise, International Shorts on itunes is offering a range of great short films, especially Six Shooter and other Oscar winners.