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Entertainment Weekly Pop Watch: Mark Ruffalo on the Hulk and The Kids Are All Right

Posted July 29, 2010



Jeff Jensen on Entertainment Weekly’s Pop Watch blog spoke with Mark Ruffalo about his recent ascension to being the new hulk and his recent approbation for his role in The Kids Are All Right. In addition to remarking about the fan-boy frenzy his recent appearance at Comic-Con created, Ruffalo talked about the frenzy around The Kids Are All Right.

What do you think audiences are responding to in the film?

I think what they’re responding to is seeing themselves in it. It’s above all else a really, really funny, frank and honest portrait of a family that’s dealing with teens in the home. Anyone who sees it who’s been in a long relationship, as far as the adults who see it, I don’t think they can help but see themselves in it. I think it’s really honest about marriage, and how difficult it is, and how hard you have to work in it and what it costs and what, ultimately, the beauty of it is.