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Eagle of the Ninth is Myth Popularity

Posted April 26, 2010


Several articles of late have notice popular cultures contemporary fascination with ancient myths. Philip Sherwlell in Telegraph considered how “Hollywood turns to ancient warriors and legends to win audiences,” and in an earlier USA Today article Focus CEO James Schamus told Susan Wloszczyna and Maria Puente, “Something clearly is in the air…We Americans are wondering about just what phase of our own empire we're in. And those anxieties certainly fuel mass culture's fantasy life." Focus upcoming Eagle of the Ninth is just one in a triumphant march of Greek, Roman and other mythic legends. Directed by Kevin McDonald, Eagle of the Ninth adapts Rosemary Sutliff’s novel of two men––a roman soldier Marcus Aquila (Channing Tatum) and a Esca (Jamie Bell), a slave from Britain––who travel into the unknown world of Roman Britain in search of a vanished Roman legion.