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Details: Tatum Channing re"members" The Eagle of the Ninth

Posted January 12, 2010


In the new issue of Details, Craig Marcus catches up with the muscular star Channing Tatum to talk about Los Angeles, his life, a YouTube video called Channing Tatum got fat!, and shooting The Eagle of the Ninth:

Tatum has recently returned from Scotland, where he was filming a Roman battle epic called The Eagle of the Ninth, directed by Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland). The role is a familiar one: For the fourth time in his brief career, Tatum plays a soldier—this one from Rome's legendary Ninth Legion. "It's really a beautiful story of trust and honor and friendship," he says. He nods thoughtfully, then lets out a laugh. "But I'll never shoot a movie in Scotland again. Ever."

To learn what happened in Scotland that makes him fearful of returning you have to read the article, which by the way is called "Channing Tatum is Proud of his Package" for a very good reason.