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Cohen Media Group & Focus World Release THE ATTACK

Posted August 28, 2012


Focus World and the Cohen Media Group will team up to release Ziad Doueiri's THE ATTACK in 2013. Adapted from Yasmina Khadra's international bestseller, the film features Ali Suliman as Amin Jaafari, an Israeli-Palestinian surgeon whose successful and assimilated Tel Aviv life comes to a crashing end when he learns that his wife, Sihem (Reymonde Amsellem), was not only killed in a suicide-bombing, but that she was the bomber. Shattered by this horrible event, Jaafari is determined to find out the truth - about his wife and the people who recruited her.

Cohen Media Group will be handling theatrical release and DVD distribution and sales while Focus World will be controlling all digital media and television rights. For the official press release go here.