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Classical Geek

Posted July 24, 2008

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No less epic that any battle written about by Homer, COMIC-CON opens with waves of Geek troops descending on the indefensible San Diego Convention Center this weekend. And nearly every blog and periodical is poised to recount these Geek wars. Focus will be previewing Hamlet 2, which, while not properly geek, is in the neighborhood. As Focus Features' own James Schamus told Reuters "We always made movies that had a countercultural youth side to them, and we've always been closer to that kind of alternative, cutting-edge side of Comic-Con." Nikki Finke has Luke Y. Thompson covering the event from panel to polergeist. And the LA Times has minute-by-minute blog coverage from Geoff Boucher, Sheigh Crabtree and Jevon Phillips. To see it all--or rather to see in fragmented, confusing, and often hilarious video bits--go to YouTube's coverage. For more specialized coverage, follow Lyle Masaki's "This Week in Gay Geek," which explains the gay boycott of the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego. (I won't tell you why; you'll have to find out for yourself). And gives lots of prep work from the 22 best comic book movies, the 22 worst, and Neil Gaiman's 10 favorite monsters. (Mine is cookie monster, which wasn't even on his list.)