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Brigitte Lacombe photographs Behind the Scenes of Taking Woodstock

Posted October 10, 2008

The hippie world of Ang Lee’s in-production feature Taking Woodstock is slowly making its way out into the real world. The current issue of Enterainment Weekly includes a photo spread by photographer Brigitte Lacombe of Emile Hirsch and friends on set. For a taste, go the EW site to see and listen to Emile Hirsch talk about his mud-sliding role in the film.


For more local color, upstate journal speaks to folks who went to Woodstock and are interacting with the shoot. Schodack resident William Culhane, who owns a car lot next to the motel that has been dressed to serve as primary production site, is duly impressed with the production’s drive for accuracy. He told the Troy Record, “When they told me they were going to put a sign up, I thought it would be very small and poorly-made. But this thing is amazing. It's huge, made of steel, and there's cement on the base to keep it in the ground. The prop designers even faded parts of the sign so it looks real.”

Other local spots are not only benefiting from the production’s business but find themselves inspired by the movie’s sixties spirit. The upstate zine reports, “The film has inspired local proprietors to make the most of the Woodstock spirit in attracting business. Sue Cassidy, owner of Shaker Mountain BBQ, claims business is heaviest in the summer, but that with the implementation of Woodstock specials like Peace Pie, Groovy Greek Salad, Woodstock Sliders and Psychedelic Fruit Salad--and a tent tricked out in peace signs--business thrives after Labor Day.”