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Blog: LA Times on Harvey Milk School

Posted December 30, 2008

Students of Harvey Milk School

Students of Harvey Milk School

The Los Angeles Times reported today in "Gay school's students get a history lesson with Milk" about how a special screening of the film Milk brought home the meaning of the school's name -- the Harvey Milk School -- for its students.  Erika Hayasaki reports how for 18-year-old student Matthew "Matty" Agostini, the screening gave him anew sense of worth: "When it finished, I just felt so proud that I go to his school." Fellow student Christopher Vega added, "He's like our Martin Luther King."  But with pride comes great responsibility. A social worker at the school, Tanya Koifman told the Times "there is a major civil rights struggle we are living through right now. [Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender] people do not have the same rights in terms of marriage, in terms of adoption. We have a very long way to go."

Last summer, Focus's own Felipe Tewes caught up with last year's graduating class in "School's Out" to learn a little more about the students and their schools. Tewes highlighted three of last year's students: Carlos Diaz, Marta Nolasco, and Rafael Torres. They all have amazing stories.