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BlackBook Covers Mia Wasikowska

Posted March 24, 2011


In the new issue of Black Book, Mia Wasikowska shows up looking like a very mod Jane Eyre for Nick Haramis cover story “Mia Wasikowska, Once More Through the Looking Glass.” It’s a robust article with some stunning photography by Santiago Sierra. It starts off with a telling exchange between writer and star over the fate of Lindsey Lohan. But in the end, Mia is more focused on her film characters than on gossip page caricatures. Indeed rather than speculate on the fate of misguided stars, Wasikowska considers the legacy of her own character by imagining what Jane’s fate would be in the modern age:

If you put her in contemporary society, she’d be running Parliament. There’s something so remarkable about a woman who feels worthy of respect regardless of her social status.