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Beliefnet Believes in A Serious Man

Posted February 03, 2010


Beliefnet, an all-purpose, all-denomination site for all things spiritual, just announced their nominations for their 2010 Beliefnet Film Awards. We thrilled to see that two Focus films got noms, each in different categories. The Coen brothers’ A Serious Man was one of five films nominated in the category of Best Spiritual Film, and Sam Mendes’ Away We Go was picked to compete in the Best Inspirational Film.

As defined by Beliefnet, the category of spiritual Film transcends religion: “The five cinematic gems we selected this year are all overtly religious, yet they each illustrate a spiritual theme that is universal.” The category of Inspirational films, on the other hand, “depict characters embracing adventure, fighting corruption, struggling against adversity, uniting for a common cause, and searching for a place to call home. While they vary in scope and tone, they all offer encouragement that there is something we can do to improve life for ourselves and others.” Good luck to all the films. We believe in you.