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Anton Corbijn’s The American poster old-school cool

Posted June 17, 2010


The poster for The American was posted on Apple this week (see detail at left), and many film fans are noting the poster's cool classic  vibe. Alex Billinton over at commented, “We already saw the trailer back in May but this new poster is a true delight to discover today. It has a vintage, classic kind of feel to it, like this is a hitman movie straight from the 70's. I love the little Shawkshank-like pose hidden in the title as well." Stale Popcorn asks, "Are you loving this poster for Anton Corbijn's The American? I sure am. A little bit retro, a little bit amazing and with excellent use of colour, too!" Picking up on that classic thriller feel, The Playlist commented, “Man, get your Parallax View, or Three Days Of The Condor on, huh?" 

Colider welcomes the classic look: "Focus Features has released the first poster for Anton Corbijn’s The American and it’s an eye-catcher. It’s got a nice 70’s-esque feel to it and I support any poster that breaks from the bland floating-heads posters we see so often." And Cinema Blend couldn't agree more: "In a world of floating heads and crappy Photoshop, it's nice when you see a poster that actually makes an attempt to look good. Decades ago, before the internet made advertising films the easiest job in the world, posters actually had some artistic merit. The first one-sheet for Anton Corbijn's The American hearkens back to that time."

You can download a large-scale version here.