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Ang Lee and James Schamus remember Woodstock

Posted November 23, 2009

Ang Lee and James Schamus remember Woodstock Image

New York Magazine’s Devouring Culture Vulture caught up with Ang Lee and James Schamus last week when the National Arts Club awarded its Medal of Honor in Film to the pair. Lee and Schamus looked back on their recent cinematic adventure, Taking Woodstock, and some of the unexpected challenges of that project. At one point, Schamus jokingly apologizes to Lee:

I made two big mistakes. I put “Woodstock” in the title, and I put his name on the poster. Because, you know, everybody who goes to an Ang Lee movie, you want to be sublimely depressed by the end of the film. And if you have Woodstock in the title, you think you’re going to be seeing Joe Cocker screaming onstage. [Turns to Ang, pats his shoulder] So it was my bad. I’m sorry.