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Amy Taubin decodes The Limits of Control

Posted May 04, 2009

Amy Taubin decodes The Limits of Control Image

In the current issue of ArtForum, film critic Amy Taubin speaks with Jim Jarmusch on his new feature. In her introduction, she nails what makes a Jim Jarmusch such a cultral and cinematic event:

Jim Jarmusch's New Film, The Limits of Control, is a cryptographer’s dream. In this interpretation—fittingly, one among many—the cryptographer is at once the filmmaker, the viewer, and the film’s protagonist, a professional hit man (played by Isaach De Bankolé) who travels through Spain, following a series of gnomic clues as he tracks down his target.

In her interview she follows up with Jarmusch on the multiple personal and cutltural clues that make up his codebook. Another fine talk with Mr. Jarmusch can be found at GreenCine Daily.