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Almost a Brother

Posted April 02, 2008

"Four Benches"

"Four Benches"

It's hard to think of the Coen Brothers alone, but currently in New York only one brother, Ethan Coen, is putting on a series of his one-act plays under the title Almost an Evening. The night involves three plays: "Waiting," a sort of update of the metaphysical plot device that Beckett used in Godot; "Debate," which entails a real theological debate between Gods; and "Four Benches," in which a British secret agent meets his end in a steam room. The pieces, directed by Neil Pepe and with performances by F. Murray Abraham, Jonathan Cake, and Elizabeth Marvel, will run at New York's Atlantic Theater Company. As Ben Brantley points out in his New York Times review, the play is "touched by the premise that hell lurks right under the surface of, or just around the corner from, everyday life. Make that Hell, with a capital H, the same piece of real estate charted by Dante and Milton."