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A Serious Man's DP Roger Deakins Wins A Spirit Award

Posted March 06, 2010


The 25th Film Independent Spirit Awards took place Friday night (March 5) in Los Angeles. Among the winners were cinematographer Roger Deakins who won a Spirit Award for his work on the Coen brothers comedy A Serious Man. In addition,the Robert Altman Award went to A Serious Man, with the award being given to the film's directors (Joel and Ethan Coen), casting directors (Ellen Chenoweth and Rachel Tenner) and the ensemble cast (Richard Kind, Sari Lennick, Jessica McManus, Fred Melamed, Michael Stuhlbarg, and Aaron Wolff). After receiving his statuette, Michael Stuhlbarg got much sympathy when he commented that he would keep his awards at his mother and father's house. A complete list (and coverage) of the Spirit Awards can be found at indieWIRE.