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A Prophet's Tahar Rahim on Eagle of the Ninth

Posted March 03, 2010


Tahar Rahim, the star of Jacques Audiar's prison/crime saga A Prophet has been getting lots of attention of late. Not only did he win two Cesars last week (one for best actor and one for most promising actor), he's been popping up in article after article by people who've just discovered him. Chris Lee's recent post "Is A Prophet's Tahar Rahim the next Al Pacino?" on the Los Angeles Times movie blog "24 Frames" discussed where the star came from and more importanly where he is going:

For his next project, The Eagle of the Ninth, directed by The Last King of Scotland helmer Kevin Macdonald, Rahim changed gears to appear opposite Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell. “I’m the baddie,” Rahim said between drags of on a Camel Light, seated in the Beverly Hills back yard of the French consul general. “He’s the prince of an ancient Gallic tribe. I’m talking in ancient Gallic -- it was hard.”