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"The Dude's Abode" in LA Weekly

Posted July 27, 2011


Sarah LaBrie in the LA Weekly ran a short blog post, "The Dude's Abode: The Big Lebowski's Venice Bungalow Up For Sale," that maps out the intersection of Real Estate avenue and Hollywood. The one-bedroom bungalow in Venice, CA, which served as the Big Lebowski's home in the Coen Brothers' now cult classic, doesn't necessary remind you of his dudeness. No longer rundown, beautifully landscaped with a flowering courtyard, the property appears more upscale than the character ever was. As LaBrie reports:

It's a gorgeous little compound," realtor Winston Cenac tells LA Weekly. "Some of the tenants are decorators, so on the inside, the units just look primo." Which is to say that if you are the type of person who has actually been to Lebowski Fest, you are not the type of person who will want to live here.