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Limits of Control 2-CD Soundtrack on iTunes April 28

Posted April 16, 2009

Limits of Control 2-CD Soundtrack on iTunes April 28 Image

The soundtrack of Jim Jarmusch’s upcoming feature The Limits of Control offers not one but––count ‘em––two cds for the price of one film. On April 28 the two albums will be available through iTunes and then in stores on May 12. In his introduction, Jarmusch comments, “When I’ve finished a film and it’s released into the world, the most important thing to me, besides the film itself, is the soundtrack record. It collects the musical gifts that both inspired the film and, like passing clouds, shaped and shaded its sonic atmosphere.”

The first album, the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, includes the wonderfully eclectic musical mix that is the hallmark of Jarmusch’s films. Here there is music from Japanese Doom-Metal band Boris––including two songs that pairs them with Sunn O))). In addition, there is Franz Schubert’s “Adagio” from his String Quintet, as performed by Ensemble Villa Musica; and “El que se tenga por grande,” the lyrics of which are also in dialogue throughout the film. Mr. Jarmusch adds, “We also have Manuel El Sevillano’s ‘[Por Compasión:] Malagueñas,’ which was recorded on a wax cylinder in the 1920s.”

The second album, entitled Film Music from The Limits of Control, is a limited-edition digipack EP with four original tracks by Bad Rabbit. The band (Bad Rabbit), consisting of Mr. Jarmusch, Carter Logan, and Shane Stoneback, plays what Jarmusch calls “slo-motion psychedelic rock-n-roll” that is heard accompanying a handful of passages from the film.