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In Bruges and Hunger Lead Brit Indie Awards

Posted October 28, 2008

In Bruges and Hunger Lead Brit Indie Awards Image


Today the nominations for the British Independent Film Awards was announced. The two front runners––Martin McDonagh’s .In Bruges and Steve McQueen’s Hunger––interestingly showcase two very different filmmaking styles. Focus Features’ shoot ‘em up comedy In Bruges is up for 7 awards: Best British Independent Film, The Douglas Hickox Award [Best Debut Director], Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Technical Achievement (Editing). Steve McQueen elegant and somber study Hunger is up for about the same amount of prizes. Oddly both films are made by people who come from outside the film world. In Bruges’s writer/director Martin McDonagh made his name in theater, and Hunger’s Steve McQueen is a name more known in art galleries than film theaters.