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Next Step, Spirit Awards

Posted November 30, 2011


Melena Ryzik, in the New York Times awards blog "The Carpet Bagger," highlighted Mike Mills' sweet and thoughtful BEGINNERS' recent triumph at the Gotham Awards with the lead, "BEGINNERS continues its indie roll, earning nominations for best feature, best screenplay and best director at the Film Independent Spirit Awards." In addition to those nods, which feature Mills Mills being nominated for Best Director and for Best Screenplay, Christopher Plummer was nominated for Best Supporting Male. Next to BEGINNERS, Dee Rees poetic coming-of-age drama PARIAH also picked up two nominations -- one for the John Cassavettes Award and one  for Best Female Lead for Adepero Oduye. Finally Focus World's BOMBAY BEACH, directed by Alma Har'el, was nominated for the "Truer Than Fiction Award." For a complete list, go to the

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Hitfix: Focus' "Big Night" at Gothams

Posted November 30, 2011


Kristopher Tapley of HitFix highlighted in his headline "Focus Features has a big night at the Gothams" the results of the Independent Filmmaker Project's 21st Gotham Awards held in New York City on Monday 29, 2011. Mike Mills' sweet-toned comedy BEGINNERS won Best Ensemble and shared Best Feature. And Dee Rees won for Breakthrough Director. As Hitfix commented, "The surprises actually started early, though, with a heartening win for Dee Rees in the Breakthrough Director category. Rees, whose PARIAH has been nurtured all season by Focus Features, beat out high profile contenders..." On top of all of that, TINKER,TAILOR, SOLDIER, SAILOR star Gary Oldman was given a much deserved career tribute by the Gothams.

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BEGINNERS Canine Talent

Posted November 21, 2011


In his IndieWIRE post for Spout, "Are the Best Movie Characters of 2011 Animals," Christopher Campbell comments, "The other night I caught Mike Mills' BEGINNERS, which will probably (surprisingly) make my top ten fiction film list for this year if I make one. One of the best parts of the film is the Jack Russell terrier, Arthur (played by Cosmo), especially when he's given subtitled speech." Campbell goes on to point out that he's not alone in noticing the animal kingdom's thespian reach this year. Over at The Hollywood Reporter, Scott Feinberg put together a slide show, "It's a Zoo This Season: 22 Awards Contenders Featuring Animals," highlighting a whole menagerie of talent. Maybe it's time for an Oscar for Cosmo.

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Dee Rees Wants Your Story

Posted November 17, 2011

The writer/director Dee Rees tells a powerful story of one teen learning to be herself in PARIAH. Although it is not exactly her story, she remembers what it was like to feel like a Pariah. She asks that people make videos about their own stories and share them with others on Youtube.

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Dee Rees' DIVA Interview

Posted November 16, 2011

The British Mag  DIVA posted a video interview with PARIAH writer/director Dee Rees.

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Dee Rees talks to

Posted November 14, 2011


In a recent interview with Fred Topel for, PARIAH writer/director Dee Rees opens up about her filmmaking process. It's a smart and thoughtful interview in which Rees talks about identity politics, Spike Lee, and the meaning of "Pariah." When asked about people connecting so intimately with the story, Rees responded, "I know that even though this is a really specific story, identity is a universal struggle and a universal experience." And while the story's impact is universal, Rees is hopeful her tale reaches LGBT youth. As she remarks:

I hope that it just gives people a reference point. I hope it gives LGBT youth and particularly LGBT youth of color another kind of marker, another reference point. They don't see themselves necessarily in everyday media so here's one more thing they have to point to, to look at. It just gives them something to grow up with. Coming up, there was very little for me to see.

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Hollywood Reporter fetes Adepero Oduye

Posted November 08, 2011

As part of the Hollywood Reporter’s Next Gen 2011, PARIAH’s star Adepero Oduye spoke to the magazine on Saturday, November 5 at a Los Angeles event celebrating this year’s class. Charming as ever, Oduye noted her double joy, since director Dee Rees also made the list.



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Huff Post goes to HYDE PARK

Posted November 08, 2011


A recent post on Huffington Post, "Bill Murray As FDR In 'Hyde Park On Hudson' (PHOTOS)," covers Roger Michell upcoming presidential period feature. Huff Post provides a slide show to demonstrate that, as they write, "Murray chomps cigars and charms in the batch of stills." In addition, the slides highlights Olivia Williams as Eleanor Roosevelt, and Samuel West and Olivia Colman as King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

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NPR on le Carré Great Novel

Posted November 04, 2011


John Powers of NPR's Fresh Air remembers his experience with John le Carré's novel Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, and he came to decide that this tale of George Smiley and the Circus was "the greatest Spy Story Ever Told." Albeit it took him awhile to transition from his love of Bond, Powers eventually came to love le Carré. "His masterpiece was 1974's Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy -- not merely the greatest spy novel ever written, but the source of a 1979 BBC adaptation that's the greatest spy show ever made. In anticipation of a new film version that's coming out in a few weeks -- the story, you see, is irresistible...."

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USA Today on Bill Murray as FDR

Posted November 03, 2011


In USA TODAY, Susan Wloszczyna checks in on HYDE PARK ON HUDSON and Bill Murray playing Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Director Roger Michell describes his belief that the man to play the part was always Bill Murray: "It is one of those parts like Hamlet...You don't do it unless you get the right actor."  And once Murray got on board, Michell exclaimed, "He rose to the challenge magnificently."

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