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New York Times picks PARIAH star Adepero Oduye

Posted October 31, 2011


In the New York Times Holiday Movie special section, Karen Durbin singled out the actors to look for in the future in her article "Star Turns Under the Radar." One of was Adepero Oduye for her remarkable performance as Alike in Dee Rees' PARIAH. For Durbin, "Oduye is blessed with a megawatt smile, but apart from that she's a master of understatement. Without having to say or do a lot, she draws us close to Alike and keeps us there. We can tell when she's hurting, and we hurt too. As with most gay adolescents, the pain of otherness is inevitable."

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Dee Rees in CAPE TIME

Posted October 24, 2011


In South Africa's newspaper Cape Times, Tracey Saundes spoke with PARIAH writer/director Dee Rees about making the film and bringing it to Africa. It's an engaging interview covering the state of LGBT people in Afriaca to finding PARIAH's star Adepero Oduye. Dee defines her project with such passion:

We sold our house to fund the film. I hope black lesbians will have the courage to come to the screenings. We made this film because we wanted to tell our story, but it is more than just a black gay film.

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Posted October 14, 2011


David John Minns on the blog "Off the Cuff" for the cybertailor site took at look at TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY to check out the spy threads. What caught his eye, in addition to the "great three piece heavy weight wool's in beautiful autumnal colours" worn by Bill Haydon (Colin Firth), was the dapper style of George Smiley (Gary Oldman). Dissecting one scene in the boardroom, Minns notes of Smiley's three-piece suit:

His Waistcoat is cut with a notched lapel, and notched base with 5 buttons. Trousers are single pleated, tapered to the foot with no turn-up. And I think the most poignant moment in this scene is when Smiley adjusts the base of his Waistcoat just before he takes his seat at the head of the table; correctly dressed, and taking pride in his well earned position of sartorial leader of the pack.

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Posted October 07, 2011


Fred Topel at the film journal sat down with Adepero Oduye, the star of Dee Rees' feature PARIAH, to talk about her acting background and her excitement at doing this role. She talks a bit about the kind of work she did for her role:

...we had a homework assignment where we had to go into a black and Latino lesbian club in character and get a sense of that whole world. Go to a straight environment, go to Christopher Street Pier in character. Then Dee was just very open if I had any questions, to talk to her and ask her about anything. So she was available to me all the time. She was open about a lot of stuff.

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Sight & Sound Gary Oldman TTSS Set Photos

Posted October 07, 2011


The British film magazine Sight & Sound posted on their flickr photo stream a series of gorgeous black and white photos taken on the set of TINKER,TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY by the film's star Gary Oldman. Included in the photographic dossier are images of Beneditct Cumberbatch, John Hurt, Ciarán Hinds, and director Tomas Alfredson - among many others.

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Africa First picks Five Filmmakers for Next Year

Posted October 06, 2011


Focus Features CEO James Schamus announced the five winners for the next year of Focus Features' Africa First program. Africa First, now in its fourth year, supports new, talented African Filmmakers by providing them funds ($10, 000 per candidate for making a short narrative film) and a year of support and guidance through the Africa First mentorship program. Noting the ongoing power of the program, Mr. Schamus said, "I'm continually impressed by the range of great young artists we meet through Africa First - each filmmaker has a distinctive vision and voice, and I look forward to learning from them at our summit."

Looking over the new class of filmmakers, Producer Kisha Cameron-Dingle, who serves as program director of Africa First, added, "We are particularly proud of the diversity and ambition in this year's solid group, with new storytellers coming from several countries contributing to the program for the first time." From Namibia, Ms. Oshosheni Hiveluah will be working on 100 BUICKS, an immersion into the Namibian capital of Windhoek through the progress of a piece of currency. From Burkina Faso comes Mr. Cedric Ido with his film TWAAGA [INVINCIBLE], a blending of live action and animation in the tale of a young boy's quest to be a superhero. From South Africa, Mr. Mark Middlewick will be working on LATE NIGHT SECURITY, a story in which the night guard at a shopping center finds solace and friendship from an unlikely source. From Ghana comes Ms. Akosua Adoma Owusu, whose film KWAKU ANASE adapts into live action and animation a traditional West African story about a student's family secret. And finally from Ethiopia is Mr. Zelalem Woldemariam, whose short film ADAMET [LISTEN] is powered by the music of Ethiopian culture in its story of a talented drummer who encounters a deaf woman.

For complete info on these filmmakers and the Africa First go to the AFRICA FIRST Press Notice.

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Joe Wright's ANNA KARENINA Starts Shooting

Posted October 03, 2011


The cameras have started to roll on Joe Wright's new film ANNA KARENINA. Adapted from Leo Tolstoy's epic novel by Tom Stoppard, the film will shoot in the UK and Russia. The film reunites director Wright with Keira Knightly (with whom he's worked with on PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and ATONEMENT before).

Ms. Knightly takes on the title role of the famous 19th century Russian aristocrat caught between her heart and her family. Jude Law plays her husband Aleksei Karenin and Aaron Johnson will step into the part of the dashing Count Vronsky. Rounding out the cast are Kelly Macdonald, Matthew Macfadyen, Domhnall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander Emily Watson, Olivia Williams and Ruth Wilson.

For his team, Mr. Wright has tapped many of the great filmmaking talents he's worked with before: production designer Sarah Greenwood (ATONEMENT, HANNA); cinematographer Seamus McGarvey (ATONEMENT); costume director Jacqueline Durran (ATONEMENT, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE).  Dario Marianelli (who won an Oscar for his music for ATONEMENT) will score the film. For complete information go to the official press release: "PRODUCTION COMMENCES ON ANNA KARENINA."

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