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Pariah's Dee Rees connects two generations of filmmakers in NYC

Posted June 28, 2011


On Monday night, Pariah writer/director Dee Rees introduced Jennie Livingston's seminal 1991 documentary Paris is Burning as part of the Queer/Art/Film Series, a monthly series in New York in which LGBT artists choose and present a film that inspired them. For Rees, that film was Paris is Burning. As she explained in her introduction, growing up in Nashville, she didn't have much contact with LGBT cinema, especially work that dealt with people of color, so when she saw this documentary about New York's legendary house Balls, galas where gay and trans performers compete in various categories of "realness," she was blown away. After the film, Rees joined Livingston, along with the series' co-curators, filmmaker Ira Sachs (left) and Butt magazine editor Adam Bara (right), for a poignant discussion about how much has changed -- and not changed -- between the making of Livingston's Paris is Burning and Rees' upcoming Pariah. While both acknowleged that New York is still defined by the brutal realities of racism and real estate, one thing that had chagned is the emergence of a multi-generaional community of filmmakers and fans (as evidenced by the people gathered at the IFC Center last night). Just as Rees paid homage to Livingston, the older filmmaker urged the audience to see Pariah.

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Anne Hathaway: Harper's Bazaar's Cover Girl

Posted June 27, 2011


One Day's star Anne Hathaway, gloriously photographed by Alexi Lubomirski, appears on the cover of the August Harper's Bazaar in a blooming red-rose Gucci gown. And on the inside, Hathaway opens up to Cathy Horyn about the power of Lone Scherfig's One Day: ""Every girl feels she's Emma Morley....There's so much growth that happens in your 20s. To me, the character felt very authentic to that experience." And about James Franco, nail polish, and Brokeback Mountain. If you just want to look, there's a delightful slide show of fashion pix from her cover shoot.

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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy writer Le Caree adds "award winner"

Posted June 27, 2011


Master spy writer John Le Carré -- whose masterpiece Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy comes to theaters this fall in a new adaptation (with Gary Oldham as Le Carré most famous character Geroge Smiley) -- is getting  attention from Germany. Why Germany for this British writer? Because so many of his Cold War adventures unfold there. The British journal The Guardian gives a full report, explaining:

Le Carré has been named as one of this year's recipients of Germany's Goethe Medal, which goes to individuals who "have performed outstanding service for the German language and international cultural dialogue". This "master of the political and psychological crime novel", according to the Goethe Institut, "condensed Germany's difficult role during the era of the cold war" in his books, and "vividly brings to life the global fields of conflict".

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Beginners' Mike Mills Keep Fast Company

Posted June 27, 2011


Ari Karpel's recent article in Fast Company called "How DuPont, Old Spice, And The Gap Play Supporting Roles In Mike Mills' Indie Films," provides a fascinating profile on Beginners' writer/director Mike Mills career creating distinctive TV ads. Having begun as a graphic artist with a very distinctive style, Mills rose up to being hired to create TV ads. While Mills has been ambivalent about some of his commercial work, he readily credits it with helping provide his filmmaking education. He also highlights how, as a independent filmmaker, making ads helped him get Beginners made: "I paid for my assistant, I paid for [costar] Christopher Plummer's skinny jeans, I paid for a lot of shit just to, like, lubricate the system so things wouldn't be a problem,"

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Be GOOD: Share your Dog's photo

Posted June 14, 2011


GOOD, an integrated media platform for people who want to live well and do good, is partnering with the film Beginners (which stars our favorite rescue Cosmo) to do something GOOD--raise awareness for pet adoption. To do this, they are hosting a contest in which you can submit a photo of your own beautiful rescue dog. Go to the GOOD site for complete details.

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Be You, Buy ME with Mike Mills

Posted June 13, 2011


The 21st issue of Me Magazine is on newsstands (or available to be ordered online) and is edited by the writer/director of Beginners Mike Mills. For his issue, he included such interesting folk as radio storyteller Ira Glass, filmmaker and artist Miranda July, curator Aaron Rose and artist Takashi Homma –– to name just a few.

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Associates and Fans Friend Mike Mills

Posted June 10, 2011

I'm Your Fan Vol. 6- Mike Mills!!! from Rachelyn Remz-Porter on Vimeo.

It turns out that Mike Mills, the writer/director of Beginners, has lots of friends. Rachelyn Remz-Porter (of Twin Bike Pictures) pulled many of them together in a video to tell the world how they love Mr. Mills.

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Paste: Mike Mills “I’m my funniest with my dog”

Posted June 07, 2011


Paste Magazine Tim Bashan talks with Mike Mills in his interview "Catching Up With Beginners Director Mike Mills.” It’s a friendly chat that swings from pet etiquette to gay rights to making work based on concrete things. Mills talks again about talking with his dog:

I have a border collie that’s hyper-intelligent. Knows so many words. I talk to them all of the time. And they talk back, you know, in my head. Or I say things that are their voice. And we have very funny conversations. I’m my funniest with my dog.

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Los Angeles Times Focuses on Cosmo

Posted June 06, 2011


In the Los Angeles Times, Susan King’s article “Who's that adorable dog in Beginners?” rightly turns the spotlight on Cosmo, the Jack Russell terrier who plays Arthur in the film. Even better the piece includes a profile of Mathilde de Cagny, his dog trainer and human companion. Unlike some dog actors, who are called on (and trained) to perform tricks, Cosmo just is in Beginners. This realistic performance was important for writer/director Mike Mills.

The goal was to have the dog part of these people’s lives and part of the relationships… For me the key part is that Oliver doesn’t treat him as someone who is cute or mentally less than himself. He is trying to treat the dog with … full personhood while trying to understand the dog much like he is trying to understand his father. In a lot of ways, he’s the ghost of the father, and they share a lot of qualities.

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CBS Sunday Morning Awakes to Christopher Plummer

Posted June 06, 2011

On CBS Sunday Morning, David Edelstein in his glowing review of Mike Mills' Beginners took the opportunity to sing the praises of former The Sound of Music star Christopher Plummer. In addition to reminding us all what a culture treasure Mr. –– or Sir –– Plummer is, Edelstein stresses the miraculous turn he takes in Beginners:

The performance is unlike Plummer's others: Light and lithe, joyously uncomplicated, buoyed by his new life among the boys, in the open. He dies - I'm not spoiling it, his part is flashbacks - but there isn't a drop of self-pity in the man, or grandstanding in the performance.

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