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Mike Mills: Dad “watching it with me”

Posted April 29, 2011


The Salt Lake Tribune is getting a jump on the release of Mike Mills Beginnners. In Sean P. Means’ interview, “In a summer of retreads, Beginners tells an original story,” Mike Mills talks candidly about the complex process of working with a character who so resembles his dad. It was clear that Plummer was not his dad, yet, as Mills comments:

While editing the film, watching Plummer on screen with the sound off…it was so strange. He’s so great as Hal. He’s based on my dad, but he’s not my dad. I felt my dad on my right side, watching it with me.

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Ewan McGregor Stitches up Golden Space Needle Award in Seattle

Posted April 29, 2011


The Hollywood Reporter announced that the star of Mike Mills’ Beginners is to be honored at the 37th Seattle International Film Festival with their coveted 2011 Golden Space Needle. Hollywood Reporter quotes the festival’s artistic director Carl Spence, “"Ewan's captivating performances in mainstream, independent, and art house films are a testament to his passion for acting and unyielding determination to being the best he possibly can at his craft.” Congratulations.

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Mike Mills on the San Francisco International Film Festival Red Carpet

Posted April 27, 2011

Grolsch Film Works has made various videos covering the San Francisco International Film Festival. Below is one that covers the Red Carpet that includes Festival director Graham Leggat, Programmer Rachel Rosen and, best of all, Mike Mills talking about missing his dad on the eve of presenting Beginners as the Opening Night film of the festival. 

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Mike Mills talks History in Arizona

Posted April 27, 2011


In the, a media project of Arizona State University, John Gwynn sat down with Beginners' Mike Mills. It’s a wide ranging interview. At one point, Mike is asked what his favorite scene in the movie was.

MM: I’m very happy with how the history scenes where I compare the different generations came out. They’re adventurous scenes that no one seems to mind. I studied art in college and not film so for me that’s my own artistic touch to this film.

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Mia Wasikowska one of Time Magazine’s 100

Posted April 27, 2011


One of Time Magazine’s 100 (there list of notable people) include Jane Eyre’s Mia Wasikowska. Glenn Close wrote the appreciation of the young star (whose been in both Jane Eyre and The Kids Are All Right). It’s lovely profile that end with such sweetnes from Ms. Close:

Mia will be many things in life and will defy expectation because she's brilliant and curious and not fooled by what most people define as success. I will relish her journey and only hope she will be in my life for a very long time.

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Joe Wright in London’s Telegraph: Fairy Tales “never happy, sweet stories”

Posted April 25, 2011


John Hiscock interviewed Hanna's director Joe Wright in  The Telegraph in a piece that explores how real challenges fuel the creative process. Wright opens up about how his dyslexia help shaped his creative process. For example, his dyslexia pushed him towards cinema: “There I found patterns that made sense to me, unlike the written word, where the patterns made no sense whatever.” In talking about Hanna, he reveals how thinking of Hanna as a fairy tale did not turn the narrative into a simple story. Instead fairy tales demand making hard, complicated choices:

One of the things I really enjoyed about Hanna was the liberation I felt in making a fantasy – and I think you can stretch the limits of plausibility as far as you like as long as there’s kind of an emotional credibility to the story. All fairy tales to me make emotional sense and that was the important thing to find in Hanna…Fairy tales to me are never happy, sweet stories. They’re moral stories about overcoming the dark side and the bad. I find it ironic that happy endings now are called fairytale endings because there’s nothing happy about most fairytale endings.

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Nicholas Rombes will fight for Jane Eyre

Posted April 25, 2011


Rumpus Film Writer Nicholas Rombes took up the cause of Jane Eyre recently in the column “Into the Splice” in Filmmaker Magazine. Why did plain Jane need his help? Because, as Rombes relates, she was being assaulted by a bored audience member with a Blackberry.  This less-than-charming lady, he writes, would “sigh heavily, throwing her head back. When she wasn’t doing this, she was answering her phone calls (at least twice), fidgeting in her seat, or stretching her arms above her head.” This interruption provides the context for a fascinating piece on (1) Rombes’ love of the film, and (2) his anger at being brought out of his fictional reverie. He explains:

What I objected to most about the woman in front was that she had brought elements of the contemporary world—her BlackBerry—into the time-capsule of the film’s world. … for the duration of Jane Eyre, I wished to enter as fully as possible the fiction of the past. I hated the hellish light emanating from her BlackBerry because it reminded me that, for all I knew, the actress who portrayed Jane Eyre on the screen might very well have had—at the very moment she almost-but-did-not-kiss Rochester—a BlackBerry of her own tucked beneath her period-specific nightclothes. It’s too easy to wax poetic about the importance of solitude. This is not about solitude. It’s about the importance of fantasy in a reality-based, real-time culture, governed by corporations who promote inattention as a valuable commodity.

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Mike Mills Makes Cover of Filmmaker Magazine

Posted April 20, 2011


Our friends at Filmmaker Magazine put Beginners’ director on the cover of their latest issue. Inside is a interview between Mike Mills and Gus Van Sant. While the interview is not available online, you can go to Filmmaker Magazine to get a digital subscription to read a piece I guarantee is going to be interesting.

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USA Today: Chemical Brothers, Pick of the Week

Posted April 19, 2011


USA Today’s Edna Gundersen made the track “Container Park” from the Chemical Brothers’s soundtrack for Joe Wright’s thriller Hanna as the “Pick of the Week.” Why?

On its throbbing soundtrack for Joe Wright's assassin thriller Hanna, the British electronic duo dishes up this tense, spaced-out number, a machined pulse-pounder that builds a distressing atmosphere with alternating sweeps of shimmer and bang.

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LA Times: Chemical Brothers Found Hanna “Liberating”

Posted April 19, 2011


Los Angeles Times' Steven Zeitchik in the movie blog "24 Frames" checked in with The Chemical Brothers, the sonic pair behind the exhilarating soundtrack for Hanna. The two were in Southern California to perform at Coachella, that mega concert in the desert. The duo, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, who make up the Chemical Brothers talked about the difference between creating an album and creating a soundtrack. "With us, we usually make the record and then kind of figure out what we have afterward," Rowlands told Zeitchik. But a soundtrack pushed them to approach the creative process differently. As Rowlands, explained:

It was actually liberating. Normally we have 15 versions of a song and we're not sure which one to use. Here we might have had two or three versions, and Joe would come in and collaborate, set some parameters.

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