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Kids Gets Spirit for Best Screenplay

Posted February 27, 2011

The day before the Oscars the independent film world gathers in Santa Monica for the Film Independent Spirit Awards. Congratulations to Lisa Cholodenko and Stuart Blumberg for winning the Best Screenplay award for their family comedy The Kids Are All Right. On stage, Mr. Blumberg joked, “When Lisa & I started the screenplay, we were just a couple of lesbians with a hope & a dream.” And now they have a much deserved Spirit award. See completer list of winners.

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NPR tunes into upcoming novel adaptations including Jane Eyre and One Day

Posted February 25, 2011


Rachel Syme at NPR looks at the recent parade of books into film in her piece “Your 2011 Books-Into-Films Lineup, From Eyre To Water To Desert.” She looks in on two Focus films: Jane Eyre and One Day. Although she has not seen One Day, she does note: “the movie poster has emerged, and it is steamy.” Top on her list is Cary Fukunaga’s Jane Eyre. After giving a quick summary of the novel–– “drafty old house,” “semi-handsome (if not abjectly creepy) Mr. Rochester”––she gives the good news:

It actually looks good! Director Cary Fukunaga's debut, Sin Nombre, was a gorgeous film, and his remake of Eyre has the blessing of BBC Films behind it. Mia Wasikowska is earning a name for herself in the literary movie genre (she played Alice in last year's Burton adaptation of the Lewis Carroll story), and looks as if she can hold her own against Michael Fassbender's imposing Rochester.

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Jane Eyre Soundtrack Cued Up for Release

Posted February 25, 2011


The Street and other sites announced that Sony will be releasing on March 8, 2011 the soundtrack for Cary Fukunaga’s upcoming Jane Eyre. The score was composed by Dario Marianelli, who was nominated for an Oscar for Pride & Prejudice and won one for Atonement. (Read about his scoring Atonement in "Playing to Type: Scoring Atonement"). Focusing in on strings and especially violin, the soundtrack features the solo work of Jack Liebeck. If you don’t know him, Jack Liebeck won 2010 Young British Classical Performer of the Year for his Dvořák CD. You can see him perform in "To Score Jane Eyre: Cary Fukunaga and Dario Marianelli Team Up."

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Get Film Tickets, Watch Jane Eyre Featurette on Fandango

Posted February 25, 2011


Fandango is getting ready to sell lots of tickets for Cary Fukunaga’s Jane Eyre with Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender by spotlighting it with a new video on the making of classic story. Check it out.

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Africa First on The Africa Channel

Posted February 23, 2011


Focus Features Africa First program took to the air as The Africa Channel not only broadcast several of the programs shorts but also aired an in-depth look at the program called Africa First: Behind the Cameras. Cynthia at Shadow and Act picked up on the programming. And if you have the The Africa Channel, you can catch a few of the shorts that were created as part of the programming airing at various times this month. Check your local listings for times.

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Pariah is no pariah to New Directors/New Films

Posted February 17, 2011


Pariah, Dee Rees' powerful drama of a teenager dealing with her family, her life, and her emerging lesbianism, was picked up by Focus Features at Sundance this winter. Now New Directors/New Films has invited Rees’ film to be part of their 2011 showcase. Now in its 40th year New Directors/New Films is a co-presentation between New York’s Museum of Modern Art and the Film Society of Lincoln Center which attempts to shine line on emerging talent through a carefully selected international film festival.

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Channing Tatum in GQ: “Is this going to be one of those nights?”

Posted February 15, 2011


Jessica Pressler in her profile, “The Full Tatum,” in GQ Magazine got to spend some quality time with the star of The Eagle. Read all about their strange desert adventure. And also check out the slideshow of stunning photographs of the star by Nathaniel Goldberg

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NY Times’ A.O. Scott’s heart beats for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Posted February 15, 2011


For his Valentine card, New York Times critic A. O. Scott sends us a video meditation on Michel Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The lovelorn brainteaser, penned by Charlie Kaufman and starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, is, Scott suggests, “cerebral, formally and conceptually complicated, dense with literary allusions, and as unabashedly romantic as any movie you’ll ever see.” I’ll let Scott speak for the film, but I thought I’d add as a reminder the stanza from Alexander Pope’s romantic lament “Eloisa to Abelard “ from which the title, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” comes. Talk about romantic.

How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!/ The world forgetting, by the world forgot./ Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! / Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd;/ Labour and rest, that equal periods keep;  / "Obedient slumbers that can wake and weep;"  / Desires compos'd, affections ever ev'n,  / Tears that delight, and sighs that waft to Heav'n.  / Grace shines around her with serenest beams, /  And whisp'ring angels prompt her golden dreams. /  For her th' unfading rose of Eden blooms, /  And wings of seraphs shed divine perfumes, /  For her the Spouse prepares the bridal ring, /  For her white virgins hymeneals sing,  / To sounds of heav'nly harps she dies away,  / And melts in visions of eternal day.

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Valentine’s Day One Day Poster at YahooMovies

Posted February 15, 2011


It’s perfectly romantic. That’s one Huffington Post said about the poster for One Day, Lone Scherfig’s adaptation of David Nicholls’ best selling with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturges playing the fated lovers. See the poster and images at Yahoo Movies.

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iTunes channels Jane Eyre

Posted February 10, 2011


iTunes has special clip of Jane Eyre called “Why Must You Leave?” Good question. And Jane (Mia Wasikowska) delivers her question and argument to Rochester (Michael Fassbender) with stunning poetic eloquence.

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