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Village Voice: The Kids Are All Right is Family Fun

Posted June 30, 2010

Lisa Cholodenko in Village Voice

In the Village Voice, Ella Taylor spoke with director and co-screenwriter Lisa Cholodenko, along with her fellow screenwriter Stuart Blumberg, about the family story at the heart of their film The Kids Are All Right. Both talk about it being a personal film about family, even though the parents are both women. While neither was overly focused on the political implications of the film, Cholodenko admitted to caring about how her own family, particularly her young son, might feel. Speaking like a real mom, Cholodenko commented: "I hope he doesn't see it till he's old enough to get it, and I hope in some way he'll be proud and not embarrassed."

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New York Magazine takes a dive with Somewhere

Posted June 23, 2010


Only the trailer for Sofia Coppola’s new film Somewhere––in which Stephen Dorff plays an hot young actor who takes some time off to get to know his daughter (Elle Fanning)––is out, and it is already inspiring writers and film lovers. New York Magazine's blog "Culture Vulture", riffing on what they call “a pretend subaqueous tea party with Elle Fanning” and Dorff,  started thinking about other films that set their action partially underwater. As such they have a watery slide show of other such sub-aquatic films.

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Ry Russo-Young on lesbian moms in The Daily Beast

Posted June 23, 2010


Indie director and actress Ry Russo-Young writes in the Daily BeastThank God My Moms Are Lesbians,” a short and sweet memoir of growing up with two female parents. It’s a nice reminder that the family story told in Lisa Cholodenko’s The Kids Are All Right has plenty of real-life corollaries. After a chain of touching anecdotes, Russo-Young ends with this touching image:

At my mom’s birthday dinner, my boyfriend noticed that after 30 years together my moms still hold hands at the table like teenagers. He was impressed by the strength of their relationship after all this time. I smiled and took his hand, trying to imagine his face in 30 years.

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One Day gets its day at New York Times Book Review

Posted June 21, 2010


David Nicholls’ novel One Day—soon to be a Focus Features film--hit American stores this week, and so did the book reviews. The sunday New York Times Book Review recognized the utter charm of the tale of two friends (perhaps lovers?) who connect on July 15 over a 20-year period. Echoing Nick Hornby’s quip that this is “the perfect beach read for people who are normally repelled by the very idea of beach reads, ” Liesl Schillinger wrote, “Those of us susceptible to nostalgic reveries of youthful heartache and self-invention (which is to say, all of us) longed to get our hands on Nicholls’s new novel, once our friend revealed its premise.” Entertainment Weekly also praised the book with a A- score and a note underscoring its cinematic appeal: “This is a nuanced love 
 story disguised as a beach read. It's also a book bound for the movies, and if done right, that movie might just be great.,” comments Lisa Schwarzbaum. And she should know. She’s one of Entertainment Weekly’s chief film reviewers.

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The Kids Are All Right LAFF premiere Images

Posted June 21, 2010


So maybe you couldn't fly out to Los Angeles last week to join Lisa Cholodenko and friends as they walked the red carpet for the Opening Night film of the Los Angeles Film Festial, The Kids Are All Right. Or maybe you had Laker tickets. But worry not. Here are a range of sites that have video and slide shows that will transport you back in time. The Los Angeles Times "The Envelope" Awards Blog added a special red carpet photo gallery. As did ACESHOWBIZ and Yahoo Movies. If you want video, check out as well as CNN. And then there is, of course, our own slide show of the event.

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Anton Corbijn’s The American poster old-school cool

Posted June 17, 2010


The poster for The American was posted on Apple this week (see detail at left), and many film fans are noting the poster's cool classic  vibe. Alex Billinton over at commented, “We already saw the trailer back in May but this new poster is a true delight to discover today. It has a vintage, classic kind of feel to it, like this is a hitman movie straight from the 70's. I love the little Shawkshank-like pose hidden in the title as well." Stale Popcorn asks, "Are you loving this poster for Anton Corbijn's The American? I sure am. A little bit retro, a little bit amazing and with excellent use of colour, too!" Picking up on that classic thriller feel, The Playlist commented, “Man, get your Parallax View, or Three Days Of The Condor on, huh?" 

Colider welcomes the classic look: "Focus Features has released the first poster for Anton Corbijn’s The American and it’s an eye-catcher. It’s got a nice 70’s-esque feel to it and I support any poster that breaks from the bland floating-heads posters we see so often." And Cinema Blend couldn't agree more: "In a world of floating heads and crappy Photoshop, it's nice when you see a poster that actually makes an attempt to look good. Decades ago, before the internet made advertising films the easiest job in the world, posters actually had some artistic merit. The first one-sheet for Anton Corbijn's The American hearkens back to that time."

You can download a large-scale version here.

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Los Angeles Times finds The Kids Are All Right perfect for LAFF opener

Posted June 17, 2010


In his piece The Kids Are All Right is an appropriate opener for the Los Angeles Film Festival for the Los Angeles Times, John Horn talks with director Lisa Cholodenko about how this comedy became an LA story. He covers her experience working on the script with co-writer Stuart Blumberg as well as her persistence in getting the film produced, and the power of comedy. "If Nic can make you laugh, you will embrace her and not reject her,” explains Cholodenko. But Horn starts off highlighting that while this family comedy is a universal tale, it definitely takes place in LA:

Its characters include a community gardener who runs a restaurant focused on locally grown organic ingredients, and Joni Mitchell's music figures prominently in the narrative. The film's central plot — a lesbian couple's interloping sperm donor upends their yuppie family life — could hardly be more Left Coast.

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Psychology Today Digs The Kids Are All Right

Posted June 15, 2010


Frank Pittman, who writes the “Reel Life” blog (“A shrink looks at men, women, marriage, movies, and more”) for Psychology Today, has set his sites on Lisa Cholodenko’s The Kids Are All Right. He sets up the film as an almost therapeutic case, looking at all the emotional angles and the possible causes and repercussions. But in the end, he breaks down.

What a wise movie, what a sexy movie, what humor. Great experience.

The kids are all right. So are the parents. And there's more than one way to skin a cat. I'll never forget Moore's last word: "Marriage is HARD!"

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Random House releases One Day in USA

Posted June 15, 2010


Today is the day if you want to read a new novel. Random House is releasing for American readers David Nicholls' One Day, a novel that was number one on the hardback and paperback lists in England. (Why we’re writing about this? Because Focus Features and Random House Films are currently at work adapting the novel to a movie to be directed by Lone Scherfig and starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.) The book (and film) trace the 20-year relationship of Emma (Hathaway) and Dexter (Sturgess) by checking in with them on July 15, starting in 1988, the year they graduate from college. In England (and Europe) the book proved a literary sensation. The London Times wrote “Nicholls’s witty prose has a transparency that brings Nick Hornby to mind: it melts as you read it so that you don’t notice all the hard work that it’s doing.” A comment that no doubt spurred Nick Hornby to chime in, “brilliant on the details of the last couple of decades of British cultural and political life . . . the perfect beach read for people who are normally repelled by the very idea of beach reads.” Well, you can now get your copy while you can still go to the beach, because, who knows, one day you might not be able.

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Michael Musto Starts Oscar Predictions: Annette Bening?

Posted June 14, 2010


In his delicious gossip blog, La Dolce Musto, Village Voice wag Michael Musto is wondering if “Could This Finally Be Annette Bening’s Year?” In addition to her superb job in Rodrigo Garcia’s Mother and Child, Bening is sure to be on everyone’s Oscar prognostication list for her performance in Lisa Cholodenko’s The Kids Are All Right. There could be worse fates.

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