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Got Milk?

Posted June 12, 2008

Got Milk? Image

If you don't, then maybe you can pick up a piece of Milk at the New York City auction house Christie's on June 25 as part of "Christie's Celebrates Pop Culture". The are hundreds of items up for sale. A used check for $3 to Hollywood Mineral Baths signed by Marilyn Monroe (which is estimated at $3000) or a pair of very distressed gloves worn by the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz (estimated at between $6000 and $8000). Among all the Hollywood hoopla are nine items connected to Harvey Milk in some way. There's the Harvey Milk's Hopalong Cassidy wristwatch with "Good Luck from Hoppy. 8in." on the back. And a group of 8 stock certificates made out to Milk in 1961. Or perhaps you want an Autographic Kodak Jr. camera that was on display in his camera shop and which comes with a snapshot of Milk. And perhaps the oddest item is, as the catalog describes it, "an original black and white photograph of Harvey Milk, Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel from the 1974 film Rhinoceros directed by Milk's theatrical collaborator Tom O'Horgan. 5x7in." Now, I bet they were funny together.

Elsewhere - that being the Bonhams Auction house in Los Angles — Heath Ledger's memory is on the auction block as his chair from Brokeback Mountatin is up for sale during an auction of Entertainment memorabilia.

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Love, Always

Posted June 11, 2008

Love, Always Image

This week the New Fest is stoking the pride of many GLBT New Yorkers with lots of GLBT film. And during the recent heat wave, what better idea than go to an air-conditioned cinema to catch hot film action. Unfortunately one of the best films this year has already been shown, but will hopefully be coming to a festival near you. Guido Santi and Tina Mascara's documentary Chris & Dan: A Love Story chronicles the over-30-year relationship between writer Christopher Isherwood (best known for his Berlin Stories that served as the basis for Cabaret) and the artist Don Bachardy. While there remained a huge age difference between the two--Isherwood was 49 when he picked up a 18-year-old Bachardy on a Santa Monica beach in 1952-the two over time dissolved into an almost single entity, one made of two very unique, very remarkable people. And even if you don't believe in love, there is amazing super-8 footage of the two traveling through Europe in the fifties and mixing with likes of Tennessee Williams and Igor Stravinsky along the way.

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On The List

Posted June 10, 2008

On The List Image

When we introduced the idea of Five in Focus to bring different voices into the site, we had no idea that lists were so hip. But as Virginia Heffernan noted in his "Rank and File" in the New York Times Magazine, lists are at the top of the list these days: "Blessed are the list makers, with their sharp pencils, their certainties, their mix of words and numbers." This week we introduce a new series of lists, "Tony's Favorite Film Musicals," which is five lists of favorite musicals from five Tony-nominated performers.

So popular are list, I thought I would do a quick Five in Focus on Lists.

Richard T. Kelly's Ten Bad Dates with De Niro: A Book of Alternative Movie Lists A hilarious book of quirky list put together by some very smart people. And you can add your own list.

43 Things What ever is on your list, is probably on someone else's. Everyone puts up their lists, and others who share a goal on that list, form a community, be it very general (like, "Live Passionately") to more specific goals (like "Meet Ryan Ross")

Amazon's Listmania Amazon has invited it customers to be unpaid salesmen by providing a place for everyone to put up their lists (with, of course, links to buy the products).

Blinklist offers a site dedicated to making, keeping and sharing every possible list. Like I could put this list up there. A site that is only about lists, whether we need it or not. From "Top 17 Ways to Tell Someone Their Fly Is Unzipped" to "The Top 8 Hospital Rules Involving Underwear"

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Getting Lean

Posted June 09, 2008

Getting Lean Image

In the London Times, Joe Wright reminisced about his favorite filmmaker. And for anyone who was in awe of the sweeping vision of Atonement, it should not be any surprise that Wright's hero is David Lean. Although Wright admits he cheated on Lean with such flashy directors as David Lynch and Martin Scorsese when he was in his teens, his first and last love was always Lean. Wright recalls how they met:

"As a child, on Saturday afternoon TV I first saw Dr Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia and Oliver Twist, and then I was shown Brief Encounter by my favourite surrogate grandmother, the first person I knew to have a VHS machine. I felt Lean was there for me with these magical, glamorous, beautiful worlds populated with poetic men and dreamy women and great heroic gestures."

The Times asked Wright for his glowing appraisal as a way to introduce a retrospective at the British Film Institute through the summer which will include all of Lean's films, and his television works, along with 10 restored features.

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