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Peter saw his first movie when he was just a little boy, and has never gotten over that experience.

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Editor | Peter Bowen

Basic Information About Peter Bowen:

First Name: Peter
Last Name: Bowen
Hometown: New York , NY
Personal Motto: Walking The Dog

My Movie Interests:

My favorite all-time movies: Here's Five: To Be or Not to Be, JLG par JLG, A Star is Born, Rules of the Game, Summer

Other Interests:

Activities: art (the pretentious stuff), reading books (the inscrutable ones), eating (the delicious things)
Favorite Music: This week? Rufus Wainwright (Rufus does Judy), Bach, French Suites, Okkervil River (Black Sheep Boy), Eva Cassidy (Songbird), Jens Lenkman (night Falls Over Kortedala)
Favorite Books: This month? Christopher Isherwood's The Memorial, Patrick Leigh Fermor's A Time of Gifts, Gary Wills' Saint Augenstine, Anthony Trollope's Barchester Towers.
Favorite Quote: Yes
Other interests: Walking my dog, looking in store windows while walking my dog, wondering what people who pass me are thinking while I am walking my dog