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The Art of THE BOXTROLLS Book Now Available

Posted September 23, 2014


After you see THE BOXTROLLS, you can take home a memory of the experience with a copy of Philip Brotherton's The Art of the Boxtrolls, a handsome book filled with color illustrations that captures the art and heart of the lastest stop-motion animation adventure from LAIKA. Indeed LAIKA CEO Travis Knight lends his voice to the book's preface. The book's author Philip Brotherton is art director at LAIKA and has worked on all of the studio's films including the Oscar-nominated CORALINE and PARANORMAN as well as its newest offering, THE BOXTROLLS. In the book, THE BOXTROLL's artists and craftspeople offer insights into the creativity, ingenuity, and meticulous work that went into building and animating THE BOXTROLLS's world, and the book is illustrated with gorgeous concept art, puppets, props, and set photos. 

You can order the book directly from Chronicle Books here.

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THE BOXTROLLS Soundtrack out September 23

Posted September 19, 2014


On September 23, Back Lot Music will release THE BOXTROLLS soundtrack on CD and digitally, with an orignal score by Dario Marianelli and music from Eric Idle. Marianelli (who previously won an Oscar for his music for ATONEMENT) worked closely with the animators to create a wonderful synergy between action and music. "Dario started work when most of the movie was still in the storyboard phase," explains co-diector Graham Annable, "and he was able to ask for a few more seconds here and there to let his score breathe - and truly support key moments in the movie." And the composer went all out in Boxtrolls style to get the sound just right. "The orchestra made use, at one time or another, of a theremin, a saw, a music box, toy piano, dulcimer, accordion, rubbed glasses, washboards, broken light bulbs, forks and knives, and a typewriter," said Marianelli.

In addition, there is an orignal song, "The Boxtrolls Song," by Eric Idle (of Monty Python fame). Idle explained, "I do like telling a story in song. From the artwork that the production sent me, I saw that this movie would have fresh and original characters. In context, this would be a song that the people of Cheesebridge sort of knew. So the song had to have a catchy hook to anchor it as well as quite a strong chorus. I started writing, and playing on my guitar, and came up with something that aimed for a Kurt Weill feel."

Rounding out the album are three tracks - old and new - from the Portland-based band Loch Lomond. The co-ed sextet distinctly incorporates harmonic vocals, mandolin, theremin, bass clarinet, and all manner of exclamatory percussion minutia to play off the distinct, arresting voice of lead singer/multi-instrumentalist Ritchie Young. You can preview the music now at iTunes Music here

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Essence & The Sweet Science show Two Sides in I AM ALI

Posted September 18, 2014


News about the new doc I AM ALI is heating up. On September 6, Essence's Lauren Turner wrote about the emotional punch the film delivers in terms of the Ali family. As Ali's daughter Maryum said, "You don't hear about family that much, and what that meant to him."  Her sister, Hana, reveals how, "My father gave me some audio tapes that he made when we were young in the seventies," and how that new material formed an audio spine for the doc. On the sports side, the boxing site The Sweet Science is also pumped about I AM ALI. Michael Woods looks at what is special about this new film, and how it "just might do the trick on shedding some light on the most acclaimed athlete of any and all times." 

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THE BOXTROLLS game Slide 'N' Sneak Ready to Play

Posted September 18, 2014


Like to play? The official mobile game for THE BOXTROLLS is now available for iOS and coming to Android, announced LAIKA, Focus Features and RED Games.

The Boxtrolls: Slide 'n' Sneak shares the movie's spirit of innovation and visual integrity, and thereby achieves a level of quality that is unprecedented in mobile gaming. To emulate LAIKA's unique animation style in a touch screen experience, RED Games used traditional animation techniques to create interactive characters from images taken directly from the film, preserving all the details and textures in rich retina-quality graphics. The game utilizes the native gyroscope in many devices to provide a sense of depth - menu scenes twist and move as the user tilts the device, creating a parallax effect that is stunning.

To play, you journey through the world of Cheesebridge on a mission to rescue captured Boxtrolls from the devious Red Hats' factory lair! Run, jump, and slide to avoid unexpected Red Hat encounters and traps, and collect gears and cogs in over 30 increasingly difficult levels inspired by the movie's thrilling scenes. Receive a light bulb reward for completing a level successfully, or earn three for a perfect run. In order to progress to a new area of Cheesebridge, players need to collect a specific number of light bulbs and defeat the Red Hats.

To get started, download the game from iTunes now

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Moviefone visits THE BOXTROLL set with Eggs

Posted September 09, 2014

Isaac Hempstead-Wright (the voice of Eggs) talks to Moviefone's Drew Taylor on the set of THE BOXTROLL about the film and the amazing craft and love that went into creating the characters and their world. Watch. 

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THE BOXTROLLS Launch Cardboard Challenge

Posted September 04, 2014


Have some cardboard boxes laying about the house? Then you and the kids can use that refuse to create their wondrous entries for the THE BOXTROLLS Cardboard Challenge in partnership with the Imagination Foundation. The contest takes place from Monday, August 25 to Monday, September 29, and winners will receive special "What's in the Box?"-themed packages at hosted events.  Complete Contest rules, as well as submission instructions, can be found that Contest's website at Focus  And THE BOXTROLLS Los Angeles premiere on Sunday, September 21 at AMC CityWalk Theater will be benefit to support the Imagination Foundation. For more info, see the Imagination Foundation page

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Stephen Hawking takes up ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted August 29, 2014

Truly heroic. Stephen Hawking, the subject of our upcoming film THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) shortly after his 21st birthday. Some 50 years later the brilliant man remains an inspiring example of a man living with the disease. But he also is a reason to find a cure. Hawking who had pneumonia last year was advised against taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge himself, but to stress the importance of joining together for a cure, his three children -- Robert, Lucy and Tim -- sat and received the baptism of freezing water for him. Great video. 

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THE BOXTROLLS Help a Little Boy Get his Dream Tree House

Posted August 19, 2014


The Arizona Daily Sun reports on a very special story about how THE BOXTROLLS and Animal Planet helped a little boy in Arizona get his fantasy tree house as part of the Make-A-Wish Arizona program.  Wheelchair-bound 8-year-old AJ Johnson wanted a tree house, just like he'd seen on the Animal Planet show Treehouse Masters, and since his dream home so resembled the world of THE BOXTROLLS, those busy fellows came to the rescue to help out. Once constructed, AJ states, "It's the coolest treehouse I've ever seen." See the full Arizona Daily Sun article here and a video report from AZ Central here

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Isaac Hempstead Wright on THE BOXTROLLS at Comic-Con

Posted August 01, 2014

Fandango Movie Clips theaters caught up with Isaac Hempstead Wright (who voices the young hero Eggs) at this year's Comic-Con to talk to him about THE BOXTROLLS and what was so amazing for him seeing how stop-motion adventure was all put together.

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IGN Explores the Magic of THE BOXTROLLS at Comic-Con

Posted July 29, 2014

Isaac Hempstead Wright ("Eggs") and Elle Fanning ("Winnie") talk to IGN's Greg Miller and Roth Cornet in special IGN LIVE video about making THE BOXTROLLS and the magic of Laika while at Comic-Con this year. Fascinating. 

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